Heike Wahner           

21 maart 1974 Oberhausen Duitsland

2006- 2010 Fine art, AKV st Joost, Den Bosch
2015-2016 Post HBO Professional Artist in Education, Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Past Expositions
2008 TAC Eindhoven
2009 Try us out, Den Bosch
2010 Eind expo AKV St Joost
2010 Sophies Al expo Utrecht
2011 Galerie Inkijk Amsterdam
2011 Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
2012 Brabants Talent Eindhoven
2013 Mind your step, Waalre
2015 Utrecht down under, gevangenis wolvenplein Utrecht
2017 Vijandschap, fort Maarssenveen
2018 Grasnapolsky festival, Radio Kootwijk
2018 Construct, Zeist
2018 Billy compilations, Amsterdam
2018 Atelier Jerôme Schlomoff, Amsterdam
2018 Festival Der Aa, Schipborg
2019 Grasnapolsky festival, Scheemda
2019 Festival Der Aa, Schipborg

Future expositions
2019 Artist in residence KF Hein fonds, Utrecht
2019 Lokaal, Utrecht

Heike Wähner has been looking for a modern visual language since the beginning of her career to express social and personal themes. In the series she has developed, she looks for a new aesthetic to express classic themes such as doubt, despair, sadness and courage.
By deduction and the creation of order from chaos, it brings forms back to geometric essential meaning. Complex chaotic themes and emotions with a high entropy are brought back to a low entropic visual system.

To visualize these transitions between different states, she has developed both dynamic series (A state between this and that 1-6) and static series (The Portait series). Currently she is working on the further completion of these series and she has new series on the program for 2017-2018.
Heike Wähner's work is not pleasing because of form and the abstract layering of the visual geometric language. But is often seen as a monumental counter-reflection of the zeitgeist of fleeting emotions.

Elaine Vis about Heike Wahner:
"Heike creates order and deduces. She makes installations in which she transforms emotions into abstract work.


Is the educational platform on which Heike Wahner brings art education to children from all kinds of backgrounds.

31 juli 2019 presentation KF Hein Fonds Utrecht

For inquiries please use the contact details or e-mail to me@heikewahner.nl
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